5 thoughts on “The Meaning of Dreams… Or So it Seems…

  1. This is greatly put Mr. Vice. I always loved and wanted to study more about dreams, and while your blog makes perfect sense now, I never thought of it like this. I will start giving this a shot. In order to make the most out of finding some meaning from your dream, I wanted to give your readers an advice to the part about trying your hardest to recreate the dreams as soon as possible: do it as soon as you wake up. Within the first several minutes you forget most of your dream and after like ten minutes you won’t remember anything “insignificant”.

  2. I am especially interested in the way you say the dream is built. The way these random, unfinished thoughts are compiled sequentially and contextually. The brain relates these ideas in ways that would not be acceptable in reality. The basis of the dream is strictly connections of ideas rather than a foundation (reality, time, laws of physics, etc.). So we shrink these thoughts into one and throw it out when we realize it means nothing in the morning. If we miss something important, along comes the recurring dream. The subconscious pimple. Chad Vice, if you can respond to these comments, I would like to know how you think the subconscious plays a role in formulating dreams, and if it can be seen as a form of communication considering we cannot access it consciously?

    • Thank you for your comment. To respond, your subconscious is actually in control most of the time your dreams are being formulated. It decides how to formulate the information into one story line, and where to place it afterward.

      Also, it most certainly is a form of subconscious communication. Think: all the thoughts that you have during the day that you “forget” about, are the ones that are usually unfinished. Since you are unaware, the only one dealing with them is the subconscious. It is quite essentially the only direct mediator between your conscious mind and the one beneath it.

      • In response to Andrew’s comment in the Author’s Intent area:

        Before I advise any coping strategies, I would have to ask you a few questions first (if the answers are too personal you may email me at somechadvice@gmail.com, but I encourage you to keep them here for the sake of discussion). The questions I have are as follows:

        What have you done for work most of your life (career path is okay if you don’t want to be too specific)?

        Are you close to your family?

        Did you ever experience any traumatic or emotional events in your childhood?

        Can you describe a dream or two you’ve been having?

        Now, I want you to understand that I am just trying to fact find a bit so that I can give you the best advice possible. The more information you can give me, the more I can help. I look forward to your response.

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