Relieving Sadness by Emptying the Cup

Ever felt sad for no reason? Has it ever seemed like a dark cloud is floating above your head? Well, I have an explanation for you. And no, this isn’t a Zoloft commercial.

Okay, so I will explain the analogy first, then its use. Imagine that inside your mind, there is a cup. Throughout our lives we fill this cup with all the emotions we repress on a day-to-day basis. Maybe someone tells you they think you’re unattractive. Or maybe someone close to you has died, and you don’t know how to deal with it. Either way, people usually push away negative emotions caused by events like these to be dealt with later because they are simply too much to juggle along with everything else in our lives. So, each time something like this happens, we pour our negative emotions into that cup. Sad event, pour, loss of confidence, pour, rejection, pour. Over time, the cup begins to fill up, and inevitably overflows. These overflows seep into our thoughts and cast a shadow on our lives. They ARE the dark cloud that inexplicably floats over our heads as we go about our business. And, unfortunately, having a full cup for a prolonged period of time eventually becomes depression.

Okay, now you see what I mean by the cup, and the power a full cup can have over a life. The question remains though, what do we do to counteract this process? It’s really a very simple concept. Empty the cup. Each time something sad happens in our lives, we need to apply logic to the situation (as discussed in “Falling in Love is Like Shopping at Macy’s”), talk to someone close to you about it, be honest, tell them your feelings, and do your best to move on. Even if you don’t completely resolve the problem, you are still pouring less into the cup, and helping yourself out in the long run. As soon as the sad emotion enters your thoughts, do your best to deal with it as quickly as possible. Try to understand the situation completely, talk to someone else about it to get another perspective, and DO NOT push it away to deal with later. This can only make things worse. Sweeping things under the rug only makes for a dirtier floor. So let’s make it sparkle.

If you have questions or thoughts involving these concepts, or anything at all, please comment here or email me at I would be happy to discuss.

2 thoughts on “Relieving Sadness by Emptying the Cup

  1. I like that. And this is a great idea you got here with the blog, it’s great sharing and helping others. Life is one heck of a ride 😉

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