Oh Yeah.. And Déjà Vu Too..

So with all the talk about dreams I have been hearing lately (regarding my previous post and in general), I thought it might be interesting to include an explanation of Déjà vu… too.

So with all the talk about dreams I have been hearing lately (regarding my previous.. That wasn’t Déjà vu, just my sense of humor). Anyway, at this point, make sure you’ve read the blog previous to this (Dream Meaning Blog).

THE PLATE: Déjà vu, meaning, “already seen,” is something many people have asked me about.  After I tell them that it means that they’ve changed something in the Matrix, I proceed with the following explanation: Basically, this is a direct result of the dream creation process your brain takes on each night. In fact, it is actually a byproduct.

After the “Janitor” does his job, picking up the loose art projects and interrupted thoughts, he mashes them all up into story lines that make sense in context. Those stories are then stored in the “filing cabinets of the mind,” never to be seen again… Or are they?

THE MEAT: Whenever we encounter a life situation, however, that reminds us of one of those stories- déjà vu ensues. It can be as simple as a few situational cues that activate the memory. For instance, if you see a lamppost to your right, a friend in front of you, and you are getting ready to go somewhere. Those three things may match a part of one of the dream stories you have stored in your mind. When you notice this, you make the connection between the two, and feel as if you have been there before.

THE POTATOES: Like most Déjà vu’s, we can never really identify when the initial situation took place, nor can we fully remember who was there. This is proof that it is from a dream.  In dreams, we fill the story line with familiar characters (friends and family), but never really identify their face. This is because they are just character representations of those people in your life, and only make sense in the context of the dream.

THE TAKE AWAY: Déjà vu is a real life realization of a memory from a dream. So the next time you say “I SWEAR ON MY LIFE I’ve been here before!” Think again… Déjà vu got you.

What do you think?

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