The Path into a Person… Freeway Directions.

Probably the most frustrating part of meeting someone new is knowing what to talk about. That seemingly endless struggle of topic changes, surface-level questions, and rambling can really only go so far… right? I don’t think so.

Have you ever met someone new and just “clicked” right away? Do you remember what you even talked about? If not, this path I have designed can help you recreate it… that is, if this person is even click-worthy.


This path is a series of 5 conversation topics to touch on that can help you learn whom a person truly is, inside and out. Think of it as the freeway directions from where you are to a neighboring state. Once you get there, you probably won’t know your way around right away, but as long as you know the freeways, you’ll end up in the right city. So let’s get you to that city.

  1. Family: Inquiring as to a person’s relationship with their family can tell you a whole lot about them.  The people in someone’s family are the ones who raised that person, and who formed their personality. For instance, someone closer with their mother may be more emotional. Someone closer to their father, more logical or stern. Someone who is not close to either of them may be very independent or individualistic. And so on. This topic will help you find where that person’s heart lies and personality was founded.
  2. Goals: Asking a person where they are going in life can tell you a TON about where they’ve been. A person who aspires to be a teacher someday may have loved their own childhood, and want to relive. A person who is a police officer may have been wronged by the law at some point in their life, and want to correct it. Also, asking someone where they are going can help YOU make the decision whether you want to go there with them or not. Some people can drag you down, others lift you up. You be the judge.
  3. Passion: What a person is passionate about is perhaps the most important thing to know. It is their essence, their reason for being on earth, their identity. If you are able to get on the right the level with someone to the point that they share this with you, it will shine through their eyes. You will be able to see it as clearly as the headlights of an oncoming car. Not everyone has found their true passion, however, so it may not always be present. But by no means is this a deal breaker. Everyone you come into contact with has value, and it is in your best interest to find it.
  4. Music: As I stated in my previous entry, Music is like a Person’s Bedroom Window, music is a great way to see what that person is like when they are by themselves. The outstretched apprehensive hand with an iPod in it tells it all. People are nervous about sharing who they really are with others, but if you can get them to share their music taste with you, you can get a glimpse. If you have very similar music tastes, it is highly likely you will have a lot of other things in common too. Try it and see!
  5. Love History: This may be a sore subject with some people, but in order to get to know them, it is a great thing to discuss. It tells you the point in the “love cycle” the person is in. Have they been burned too many times and have a barricade around their heart? Have they given up completely? Do they know what they want? Are they happy where they are? Most of these questions can be answered by simply dropping this topic into conversation.

If touched on correctly, a conversation involving all these topics could range from an hour to ten, the length and depth are completely up to you. Like I said, this is just a guideline. If you have success with this or find it interesting please let me know, I would love to hear it. Have a safe drive!


What do you think?

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