The Free Mind is the Best Kind

The key to understanding the point I am about to make is to analogize our conscious mind to a football player running drills at practice. Every decision or thought process we take on amidst our daily activities is representative of a drill in that practice. So as the player runs down the field, making cuts and running hard, they are attacking daily decisions. Furthermore, the effects of fatigue are analogous to residual emotions. The unseen effects of repressed emotions or emotional states at the time the decisions are being made play a large role in the difficulty, and ultimately the results of the decisions made.

Believe me, this will make sense in a moment. Keep reading.

For example, if a person finds out a family member has just stolen money from them, they will most likely be experiencing anger and suspicion of others. Later in that day, the person is in the process of finding a parking spot in a large lot, and has their space, for which they have been waiting 30 seconds with their signal on, stolen by a man in a large SUV. The emotions that are still left over from the incident with the family member will play an influential role in how our person here handles the situation at hand. The emotions of anger could cause them to act irrationally and retaliate, or could cause them to sink into a deeply sad state of hopelessness. Regardless of the exact effect, my point is that they would play a significant role on how the decision is made.

This concept of residual emotions playing a role on decision-making takes a great toll on our lives. If you add up all the “bad” decisions you have made in your life thus far, I would bet that the vast majority of them were rooted in some residual emotion, and regrettable after made.

THE TAKE AWAY: In order to go about our lives making the best decisions possible, and ultimately strive for happiness, we must first free our minds of these residual emotions. This can be done through processes discussed in my previous blog: Emptying the Cup . Do your best to free yourself from the lasting effects of negative life events, and press on. The free mind is best kind.

What do you think?

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