Head Hit the Pillow Questions?

So.. you mean like.. what’s the meaning of life? Right?

Well.. not exactly. It’s not so much the meaning of life, but rather, what you are going to do with it? Lets face it, we all get a set amount of time here on this planet (granted we don’t really know how long) and we have to decide some way to spend it. Some people waste it.. all of it. But those aren’t the people reading this blog. So since all of you aren’t those people, I thought it might be nice to suggest a few questions to ask yourself when your head hits the pillow each night, tempurpedic or not. Here they are:

Where am I going? Whether or not you are in the beginning, middle, or end of your life, this question is of great importance. It may not necessarily pertain to your immediate future, but it is incredibly important to know where your life is going. So as you ask yourself this question, think of where you’ve been already. The high points and low points. The pain and the happiness. All of those places you’ve been had something to do with the direction your life was going. So why not ask yourself now… where to?

Why do I love my life? This is a bit of a loaded question as it allows for only a positive answer, but that is precisely the point. Asking yourself this every night can only do positive things for you as a person. It can solidify the things you already love and make them stronger, or it can lead you to finding things you don’t really realize how much you love. For instance, I love the people I have around me in my life right now. But on days that I’m really stressed out, I lose sight of this. If I lost sight of it for too long, I might start to neglect those people, which would only ending up hurting me more in the long run. So asking myself this as I go to sleep every night allows me to remained focused on that fact, despite the small daily things that may get in the way. If for some reason you have a hard time answering this question, look deep down, and try to understand why it’s so hard. Maybe you’re doing something wrong… Or maybe you just aren’t looking in the right places.

What am I incredibly passionate about? I’ve asked a lot of people this recently, and it is often a hard question to answer. I believe the reason is this: we get far too caught up in the little decisions we have to make on a day-to-day basis. We do this to the point that what we REALLY want falls by the wayside. For me, sometimes the most important decision of the day seems like whether to eat at Chipolte or cook at home, when really I should be focusing on the bigger picture; am I taking the steps necessary to lead a happy life. So when you ask yourself this in the silence of your bedroom, as you search for the cold spot on your pillow, make sure that you are taking those steps… because if your not, ultimately the only one who is going to suffer is you.

I hope that these questions have been helpful. Feel free to comment if you have any thoughts.


One thought on “Head Hit the Pillow Questions?

  1. I enjoyed reading this the most so far, and felt compelled to comment. Ive felt great when I hit the pillow every nigh this past week. And my thoughts were all about love, mostly toward my family but also my friends. So much so that I wanted to jump out of bed and give someone a hug, but settled for spreading love the next day. I love you chad

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