Scientific Proof that Paradise is Perspective

So this video is incredibly relevant to a lot of the things I have been talking about on this blog. Many of the topics I like to write about stress the importance of finding happiness, or how one can navigate around obstacles to eventually find it. And now THIS GUY goes and proves it with psychological experiments. GENIUS!! 20 minutes of your time: DEFINITELY WORTH WATCHING!!

The underlying point of what he is trying to say here is that on a daily basis, we find ways to make ourselves happy. It is simply a survival mechanism we are born with. But, being the complicated emotional beings that we are, we often find ways to complicate that process, and ultimately confuse ourselves. Many of my previous blog posts have merely been simplified ways of allowing that process to take place on its own. Whether it be through seeking value in everything you do or asking yourself why you love your life, it all relates back to this process our brains are already wired to do. So why complicate things anymore!? Let the ol’ noggin do its job! Thanks!

One thought on “Scientific Proof that Paradise is Perspective

  1. I couldn’t agree more. God was the creator who instilled in us the need for joy. We can be reasonably happy in this life, but supremely happy in the next. I can’t wait!

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