Why are People Afraid to Succeed?

If you ask someone on the street, “Hey, can I make your life’s dream come true?” RARELY would you hear a No.

But surprisingly enough, most people never actually try to be a fireman when they do grow up. There’s a comedian named Nick Swardson who does a joke about how crazy the world would be if everyone grew up to be whatever they decided on first. The world would be a crazy place filled with Princesses and Astronauts and Ninjas and… you get the picture. Now, as funny as that sounds, it really made me wonder why so many people do that to themselves.

Here’s what I think: We are afraid that we won’t be able to handle the success we dream of. Whether it be the fear that we will mismanage our first million dollars or miss the high note on American Idol‘s Final Episode, we get scared. But what that fear doesn’t tell us is that whether you fail or succeed in accomplishing that dream, you will end up somewhere great. If you shoot for the moon and miss… you still land among the stars.


THE TAKEAWAY: Shoot for the moon… and every step of the way ask yourself, why not? You really only need enough fuel to get out of the earth’s atmosphere. After that, there’s no more gravity… There’s nothing to pull you down.

6 thoughts on “Why are People Afraid to Succeed?

  1. i think that ppl are afraid of following their dreams because they believe that in some manner it becomes unobtainable. reality kicks in and lets face it, its harder for us in this day and age to actually do what we want.

  2. Thank you for your comment. On the contrary though, i don’t think it is harder for us in this day. I think that is just the mindset we grow up with, and possibly a result of that fear I spoke of above. What do you think about this?

  3. I think the fear of success is actually a fear of failure. We can’t fail at something we haven’t tried, right? So most people play it safe and if they succeed at whatever they set out to do, many times it’s luck. To achieve great success, one has to set a specific goal, tell their friends what they want to achieve, and set out to do it. Don’t worry about “how will I handle all this success”….. the answers will come along the way. We must have true faith!

  4. I do believe some people are afraid of success. What will their success mean to them? Will it mean less hours with their families and more work if they succeed? Will they have to give up a piece of what makes them happy now for success? I think there are many factors that play into the hesitation some may experience while trying to succeed.

  5. I agree. I have found that the more clearly I can define the way I want my life to be when I am “successful,” the less I am afraid of it. When I know what to expect, its easier to focus on it and work toward it, similar to how you mentioned the importance of writing out goals.

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