Some Advice for Chad Vice

My brother put me onto this idea, and I really appreciate him for doing so. I think that its time I leveled with those of you who read what I write on here. Here is one of my struggles I’m going through right now:

I have a hard time connecting with people because I try to give advice too much.

As hard as that is for me to say, let alone publish, I feel that it is necessary to get it out to resolve it. In talking to my brother about this he made me realize that this comes from my own selfish desire to receive validation from people for the advice I give them. Now, I understand that this isn’t the worst way in the world to be selfish, but I think it is what is making it hard for me to connect to the people I care about most.

This is incredibly counterproductive for what I ultimately want to do; that is to see the people I care about be happy. I am actually canabalizing my own efforts by selfishly imposing my thoughts onto the lives of others.

What should I do? Through the help of those close to me whom I discuss things like this with, I have come to a conclusion. I resolve to sharpen my ability to notice whether the advicee actually WANTS to hear what I have to say. I know that this will take time, but ultimately it will be worth it. And I mean, now its on the internet… so I KNOW I’ll stick to it.

Thank you to those who have helped me with this.

3 thoughts on “Some Advice for Chad Vice

  1. I think it was good enlightment. If you try to give advice too much, it sometimes can make advicee unhappy. I know you are kind and considerate person. Also I want to learn your positive attitude of listening carefully to other’s words.

    I hope you find and enjoy your happiness today!

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