Change Comes in Waves – Surf’s Up?

change, life, happiness, happy

Hello everyone! So in the near future I am going to be making some pretty big changes in my life. I will be moving to another country and am in the process of starting a business. As my thoughts have been swirling around all these changes I am going to have to make, I came to a very simple way to approach them. I hope you find it useful in your lives.

Change comes in waves. You have two choices: ride them or let them crash into you.

Imagine yourself standing in the ocean, about hip-deep. As the waves swell by occasionally one will peak right in front of you, and you are faced with a choice. Do you let it smash into you and knock you toward the shore a bit, or do you turn and body surf your way in? Either way, you are moving toward the shore (for the purpose of this analogy, let the shore be your current goals). When the wave smashes into you, it tosses you a  little closer to shore. But if you ride the wave, it might take you all the way there. And even if it doesn’t, at least YOU were in control.

What I’m getting at here is that change is inevitable, and most of the time we are afraid of it. But why should we be? If we know they are coming no matter what, how can we be afraid? I highly doubt anyone ever scared you with a “BOO!” when they were standing right in front of you. The same goes for this. So rather than be afraid, hop on and see where it takes you! When you’re in control, you have the ability to stop and go back if you want to.

THE TAKEAWAY: Life changes come in waves. You get to choose how to react to them. You can resist with all your might and let them crash into you, or you can ride them all the way to shore. Remember, change is out of your control, but how to respond to it isn’t. Surf’s up!!

What do you think?

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