The Perfectionist’s Curse and The Perfectionist’s Blessing

a blessing and a curse

a blessing and a curse


A perfectionist’s life is one filled with a few glorious triumphs and a never ending list of failures. For every perfect completed project comes with it 10 others in which even the tiniest error constitutes failure. Perfectionist’s create a world for themselves in which everything they do is a measure of their ability to be perfect. And, as philosophers and some of the most successful people of our time have come to know, true perfection is impossible. The poor perfectionist is setting themselves up to fail everyday.


Here’s how I like to think of it: A life spent in pursuit of perfection brings greatness as a consolation. If you shoot for the moon and miss, you still land among the stars. Perfectionist’s are blessed because their obsession with all things perfect gives them the motivation needed to do great things. They hunt for every error, research all possible angles, perfectly plan out strategy, and execute with precision; All of which are qualities “great” people possess.

So if  YOU are a perfectionist, you may want to know the best way to manage your “cur-blessing.” Here’s my advice, don’t stop pursuing perfection… ever. BUT, realize that everything you do is NOT a test of your overall intelligence. A grammar mistake in an email or blog does not mean that you can’t write well. It just means that you missed something; It just means that you are human. And if you can’t accept that, then artificial intelligence research may be a great career path for you.

THE TAKEAWAY: A life’s pursuit of perfection can only lead to personal greatness if you don’t cut yourself down every time you make a mistake. In fact, perfectionists should welcome mistakes with open arms. I mean, if you want to be perfect, you must first understand your imperfections. Only after understanding them can you correct them. Some of my biggest mistakes have led to some of my greatest accomplishments. So get out there and fail… fail to succeed.

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