Simple Happiness: A Dog’s Life

happy dog

sometimes the happiest lives are the simplest

Do you ever wonder why a dog’s tail wags SOOO intensely every time they see you? Even if you’ve only been gone for 5 minutes, they act as if they haven’t seen you in weeks. I’ve been lucky enough to live with the dog to the left here for about a year, and here is what I’ve learned from her:

1. Finding Happiness is Simple:

Happiness is a state achieved when we satisfy our wants and needs. For dogs, they have so few.. and basic.. wants and needs that they are able to fulfill them just by walking up to you and getting you to pet them. They get the recognition, love, and attention they need to be happy in that moment.

2. What “need” is most important for us to be happy?

To illustrate this point, think back to your childhood days when watching your favorite cartoon was all you looked forward to and building a fort out of couch pillows meant you were a genius. The reason these things provided us with such happiness was because we hadn’t overcomplicated our lives yet with responsibilities and worries. As we grow older, we grow more intelligent, and complicate our lives with different responsibilities of our choosing. Those, in turn, take precedence over the smaller things in life that once made us happy as children. But why does everything have to be so complicated?

3. What do YOU need?

Please ask yourself the following questions:

-What do you really need to be happy?

-What holds you back?

-What do you want to make you happy in life?

-What do you want to hold you back?

The point I am trying to make here is that we have the choice to shift what we place value on in our lives.

For me, I place the highest value on personal contact. In my life, people make everything worth while. So, fittingly, when I find myself feeling blue I reach out to the people I care about and let their spirit bring me back. When I am happy, I make sure I share those times with people I care about. This has a profound effect on the way I remember the events of my life. It allows me to cherish the high’s; allowing them to have an even more positive influence on me. It also allows me to resolve the low’s; discussing the events that bring me down with other allows me to see them more clearly and to pull out as much positive as I can from them.

THE TAKEAWAY: Making yourself happy in everyday life is as simple as you want it to be. Dog’s have it best because their lives are so simple. All they need is some affection and attention… a little love. Why should we be any different? I mean, they are our best friend’s aren’t they? Seek out what you need to make yourself happy and maybe one day you’ll find your tail wagging without even knowing why.

3 thoughts on “Simple Happiness: A Dog’s Life

  1. Hello Chad.

    I have a question. How are we supposed to distinguish between things that are important vs. unimportant in order to simplify our lives? What if shirking some “unimportant” responsibility has a domino effect and you end up complicating your future life just to be happier in one moment?

  2. Thank you for your comment Tash. I believe that the answer to your question is simply that the important things are the things that make you happy. The unimportant are the things that impede you from being happy. So when considering whether something may have a domino effect in your life, all you really need to consider is whether it provides you with happiness. Does that answer your question?

  3. Fantastic article Chad! People often think that happiness comes with the “big” things in life (money, tangibles, fancy cars, etc.), but don’t realize that happiness can also come from the most basic things in life (watching a sunset with your friends, etc….) You’re a lucky guy to live with a german sheppard, dogs are soo cool!

    PS: regarding your email about becoming a guest author on my blog: I’ve send you two responses per email, but I guess they must have been forwarded into your spam-folder.

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