Anxiety: Cure it and Use it to your Advantage!

Last week I was talking to a friend of mine about anxiety and how it has such a strong effect on some people’s lives – including my own – and we came to some interesting conclusion that I’d like to share. Here it is:

What is anxiety?

On a very basic level, anxiety is the fear of the unknown. This fear drives those affected by it to act more irrationally than normal, to experience more intense stress, or to take action. Sometimes, however, that same fear can cause us to take no action at all; we stay where we are and do nothing, hoping that it will pass if we wait it out. But this isn’t always the case, because its power affects every aspect of our lives while we are under it. For instance, think of the last time you had something really important on your mind. Wasn’t is hard to focus on anything else?

A fear of the unknown can be a motivator to learn

A fear of the unknown can be a motivator to learn

Use it to Your Advantage!

Anxiety leaves us in one of two ways, we either let it linger long enough until it fades or solve the issue causing it. Now, here is where the conclusion we came up with comes into play. Since anxiety is the fear of the unknown, and fear is one of the strongest psychological motivators to action, why not use it to motivate ourselves to “solve the unknown.” Basically, use that fear to motivate yourself to learn about that which you don’t know. Why not use it to help you get up off the couch and solve that which troubles you?

I know this may sound intuitive, but when I am in the midst of anxiety’s fog, it is very hard for me to see clearly. Motivating myself to get up and do something is often the last thing on my mind. But now, I realize it doesn’t have to be that way. We have a choice – to let our anxiety oppress us or to fight back. Which will you choose? Freeze or fight?

THE TAKEAWAY: Utilize the fear anxiety causes to motivate yourself. Whatever troubles you, tackle it head on. Whatever is weighing on you, lift the weight off. In fact, do a few work outs with that weight, and watch yourself get stronger. Remember, we have a choice. And I hope you choose to fight. Fight on, my friends.

2 thoughts on “Anxiety: Cure it and Use it to your Advantage!

  1. I have seen anxiety take over people’s lives and make them scared to go outside. I battled with anxiety for a brief time in my life and did several neurofeedback sessions. I am now anxiety free, I retrained my brain to handle how I react to anxiety. Very amazing stuff, I was totally skeptical but it did work.

    • thats very interesting. did you use an fMRI machine? what did you learn from the process? I am curious to see how something like that could help a person identify the causes of their anxiety and redirect it. Many people in my life suffer from it and I’d like to learn how to best help them..

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