Mother’s Day: Why Only One?

The first person I saw when I opened my eyes. 

The last person I saw every night before I was tucked in. 

The first person to remind me to take a sweater in case it’s cold. 

The last person to sit down and eat dinner every night. 

The first person to tell me that I should be careful… it’s dangerous. 

The last person to be appreciated sometimes…

Why do we only have one day? One day to appreciate the person who birthed us, guided us through life, and poured their heart and soul into our very existence… Why not everyday?

I pose this question because I think everyone should consider why they don’t always appreciate what their mothers do for them. Is it because they make us angry in other ways? They make us feel like a kid even though we’ve OBVIOUSLY grown into an adult? They don’t seem to trust that we can do things on our own?

All of those “reasons” pale in comparison to the facts: birth, shelter, protection, undying love, life. So I again pose the question, why do we have only one day? 


Why not everyday?


For me, the answer is that I take for granted all the amazing things she has done for me. I lose sight of the past, and focus on the present – in which something she has done “bothers” me. But it doesn’t need to! For in the grand scheme of things, what does any of it mean when compared with love. 

THE TAKEAWAY: Ask yourself why you don’t appreciate what your Mother has done for you everyday. Say the answer out loud. If what you hear sounds ridiculous in comparison everything wonderful they have given you… maybe its time to make a call. 

High School Graduation '06

Dedicated my favorite Mom in the world, mine. ❤

3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day: Why Only One?

  1. What a wonderful reminder Chad ~ I know it’s easy to forget the little things our parents do for us that as we mature, we realize just how “big” they really were in shaping us into who we’ve become.
    A mother’s greatest joy is seeing her children happy. I know your Mom is very proud of you!

    • Thank you for your kind words. It seems sometimes it doesn’t matter how valuable something in our life is, if it is there every day, we start to forget how much we appreciate it. Electricity, shelter, cars, and mothers alike!

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