Intelligence vs. Applied Intelligence: The Ferrari’s Driver

I had an interesting thought the other day that I wanted to share with you all. I was thinking about how a person’s intelligence contributes to their success and happiness in life. I mean, I have certainly seen some pretty dumb people make it BIG (*COUGH* Paris Hilton *COUGH*). And yet, on the other hand, I have also seen many highly intelligent people fall short of expectations. So the question arose… why is that?

What I believe it comes down to is the way in which intelligence is applied. Think of it this way: Intelligence is like the engine in a car. Thus, a Ferrari would be comparable to your local “genius.” However, not everyone knows how to drive a Ferrari. Some simply can’t handle the clutch properly and crash into trees. Others drive far too fast and lose control. And some are so afraid to drive it that they leave it parked in the driveway for years, rarely even going as far as taking off the car cover to show it off to a friend. Do you see the parallel?

That engine is only useful if it is driven properly – if it is applied properly. 


Think of IQ as Horsepower

THE TAKEAWAY: Think of how your intelligence plays a role in the way you drive down the road of life. You don’t need a Ferrari to get where you want to go; a car with any engine size will do the job. The only differentiating factors are how long it takes to get there and the skillfulness of the one driving it. So I challenge you to pop the hood, understand what you got, and strap on your driving gloves. You’ll never get anywhere if you leave the car in the driveway, so why not get out there and start driving?

What do you think?

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