Your Friends are Your Bouncy-House

Bounce or fall, You can do it all

Remember when you were a little kid and you were all excited because your friend invited you to THEIR BIRTHDAY??? And even better, there was going to be a bouncy house there!!! For me, the bouncy-house was almost more important the birthday itself. It could have been my friend’s dog’s birthday and if there was a bouncy-house there – so was I. Well, a couple of days ago I was talking to my Mom about dealing with some of the more stressful situations in life, and we came up with an interesting analogy to bouncy-houses that I wanted to share here.

So my Mom is a real estate agent and sometimes the nature of the job is such that you are presented with impossibly short deadlines that take such a hold on your life that everything else must move around. She had a deadline for a client, an evening event she was required to attend, and a whole lot of work to do in the meantime. I have personally been in many situations like this myself in recent times where the pressing needs of the situation made me SO STRESSED OUT that my brain went on high alert. But what I realized is that my brain doesn’t work at its best when its on high alert. It like driving 120 mph on the freeway to get where you’re going. You get there faster, but your engine might explode before you get there, not to mention all the money you blew on the gas the was practically pouring out of your tailpipe.

Back to my Mom’s story for a second; she ended up going to her event, and really didn’t have the time to do the work she was meaning to do. BUT, while she was there her business partner picked up the slack for her, and communicated with her client. The client, it turns out, wasn’t able to meet the deadline either due to some other complications, and in the end everything was fine. This is what lead to our analogy.

Think back to when you were playing in the bouncy-houses for a moment. If you are like me, you probably tried as hard as you could to bounce yourself all the way to the top (maybe its the basketball player in me). And yet, on occasion, you would hit a bad angle or your legs would give out and you’d fall to the floor. Now, no matter what happened, you always stayed in the bouncy-house. There was literally nowhere you could bounce where you would fall out. If you bounced too high, the ceiling kept you grounded. If you bounced to the side, the walls were there to catch you and put you back on course. And should you fall, all you needed was the will to stand up again, and the floor of the bouncy-house did the rest.

THE TAKEAWAY: When life gets hard, and we struggle with it, its okay to rely on your friends around us to help. When we get our head stuck in the clouds, they keep us grounded. If we fall off course, they are there to catch us and put us back on course. And should we fall, all we need to have is the will to stand up again, and they’ll do the rest.

10 thoughts on “Your Friends are Your Bouncy-House

  1. What a comforting way to view stressful times ~ if we can all just remember to keep our wits about us and ask for help when needed, we can accomplish what we need to do. That’s what friends are for!

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