The Wait is Over… Forever

Five months ago I left the love of my life and now she will be here in just two days.This past week, ironically enough, has felt like one of the most painful though. Everyday I woke up thinking about how many days were left, how many hours until I can see her again. Two months ago though? I woke up each morning and didn’t really think about the time left. It was just this lofty date that didn’t need to be worried about yet.

How is it possible that time could seem so slow and so fast at the same time? Looking back, I cannot believe it has been five months already. Looking forward, the next two days seem like an eternity. How much more useless can time be?

In an effort to channel all this energy into something positive, I have used my anxiousness and frustration to push myself further into the moment, to appreciate each and every second of each day, because whether she is here yet or not, this moment is a gift. Whenever I do this, I forget about the anxiety and, ironically enough, time seems to move faster. So the key to solving the problem of that anxiety was in the least likely place… inside of the “pain.”

THE TAKEAWAY: As I’m sure anyone who reads these knows, I am absolutely ecstatic that she is going to be here with me. We have looked forward to and talked about this for what seems like such a long time, and now it is here. But I felt it pertinent to use this experience to learn something. That something is what I hoped to share with you today. If you ever find yourself waiting for something, whether it is tomorrow or in six months, take a step back. What are you missing right now?  What beautiful things does life have waiting right in front of you for you to see? It really is the simple things in life that make it worth while. For me, today it is this blog. In two days, it is true loves gaze.

4 thoughts on “The Wait is Over… Forever

  1. Wow, what a gifted writer you are! And when you share your deep emotions with us – that gives us permission to experience are own emotions and to reflect on the gift of time that we all have. You have a gift of connecting with your readers by being so honest with yourself and therefore passing on that honesty to us – Your “loyal” readers. Loyalty is only developed after establishing trust and you have earned this loyalty by only speaking about what is true to you. May you enjoy the gift of time with your precious RIB. That’s in reference to the operation you had when you were sleeping and GOD removed your RIB, and created Jane. RIB is an acronym for Returned In Beauty. One of the reasons you have such a strong connection to your RIB mate is because she is actually you wrapped up in a better form. You are instantly attracted to her because she is actually you – just much better looking. Enjoy your time, especially now that you two are reconnected!

    • As always another great analogy Alex. Thank you for your support and encouragement. You are such an inspiring person, I feel incredibly lucky to know you. Looking forward to seeing you again soon. I will keep in touch!

  2. Hi Jeromy, as usual you really struck a chord with me. By the way, we had a wonderful evening with your folks a couple of nights ago. I’m guessing your ears may have been burning (in the positive sense)


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