Give That Which You Wish to Receive

Think about this for a second… What is one thing that you give and receive each day, all day, everyday? ***Jeopardy Music*** You guessed it! Air! From the moment we are born we begin the practice of giving and receiving. Then, somewhere down the line, we realize that if we give our favorite toy to the wrong person, we don’t get it back. And since we don’t get it back, we stop giving all together. Then, at some point in our lives we find ourselves asking the question, “How come no one ever helps me out? Why can’t I get a break? Nothing good ever happens to me!”

Well, I think it’s time we change that mindset. Today, I started reading The Art of Happiness by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Howard C. Cutler and one of the chapters focused on this very concept. I felt compelled to write about this here because this echoed one of Deepak Chopra’s spiritual laws from his book, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. Give that which you wish to receive. At first when I thought about this it seemed a little crazy. “So you mean, if I want money, I should give all my money away?” Raise your hand if that was your first thought too… Okay, you can put your hand down… People are probably staring at you.

All jokes aside, there is a lot more logic to this spiritual concept than meets the eye. Bad people are often surrounded by bad people, and good by good. People that love money over everything often find themselves with friends who have increasingly expensive cars and possessions. People that give their time to charities and the needy receive some of the greatest joys from the experience. And as counter-intuitive as it may seem, those who openly give their money to others will often receive such warm responses that those whom they help often return the gift to them in the form of friends, opportunities, experience, and joy – which are the basic reasons we want to make money anyway… right?

Since I have been here in Korea I have been a living example of this. When I came here I had no foundation of the language, little understanding of the culture, and almost no control over my life. For almost a month I took cold showers because I couldn’t read the buttons that turned the hot water on. With little else to do, I started pouring everything I had into helping everyone I could. Here, English is a commodity, one that is worth a lot of money. But instead of charging others for it, I gave my time to as many people as I could help… for free. In return, they taught me their language. In learning their language, I became a better teacher of English, and so on and so on.

When I first arrived at my school, it was a bleek, negative place. No one wanted to be here. The only thing I knew how to do was to emit as much positivity as I had inside me, and so I did. Soon people started to seem a little happier. My students were laughing more and sleeping less in class. I was getting to know students – receiving notes on my desk.

THE TAKEAWAY: I hope that my experience can serve as proof that anyone can do the same. As impossible as it may seem, whatever you wish to have in your life can be achieved. By giving the very thing that you hope to receive in the future, you are letting those around you, your God, the Universe, and everything in this world know what you want. If you give it, then you certainly deserve to receive it. So, give relentlessly and I assure you, you will live a life that is full.

4 thoughts on “Give That Which You Wish to Receive

  1. I’m in agreement. I got very sick about 25 years ago and wasn’t sure what or if my future was going to be. I’d been a hard driving executive in an electronics company my wife and I had founded. What struck me was that I when I was unsure of how much longer I might live I never once gave a thought to wishing I’d made more money or had more cool toys. What I found to be important was my family and our friends and how much I’d taken my good health for granted. It was a life-changing wake-up call. To make the story short, it changed my life. We found that I had an unusual thyroid problem and with the proper medication would completely recover. We sold our electronics company, took a couple of years off and then we started the company we still have. We run it out of a home office and we have no employees and I do hand’s on engineering with no interest in seeing how big we can grow it our how many cool toys we can acquire. We enjoy our friends and family and take time off when we feel like it.

    Life is good.

    • It’s unbelievable how you’ve gotten your students to open up as much as you have. For a student to write that letter and leave it on your desk, must and should mean a lot to you. You seem to have made a great impact on your students, which is one of the main reasons why foreigners come to Korea to begin with. Give that which you wish to receive, and in the simplest way to say possible, get in return what you deserve.

      • You are totally right Pedram. I’m sure that you are doing the very same thing with your students. I like the way you put that at the end of your comment, “if you give what you want, then you get what you deserve.”

    • Wow Dave. That is a truly inspiring story. I was talking with my girlfriend recently, and we both agreed that you and your wife have the life that we hope to have someday. It is from speaking with people like you, and hearing stories like this, that we are able to have the courage to follow the less beaten path, and make our own way through life. Isn’t is sad that sometimes it takes life threatening situations for us to change our ways?

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