SHHHhhhhhhhh…… Inner Silence

Is there even such a thing? I think for about 99.8 % of my life I have had some form of internal monologue going on. I remember when I was around 9 years old I was standing in front of my house with my parents and our neighbors, and mumbled something to myself out loud. Then, the person next to me leaned over and said, “I’m sorry, did you say something?” “No, I was just talking to myself,” I responded innocently. “To yourself? Aren’t you a little bit young to be doing that!” I laughed a little, but at that moment I made a mental note that whatever I was thinking was not to be said out loud. Unknowingly, I began spinning a web that would someday prove to be incredibly difficult to untangle. And today I got the trembling fingers to prove it.

For the last few months I have been on somewhat of a spiritual journey. It began with the emotional distress of being in a new country, without everything that was once familiar. I began looking for ways to improve myself in this time of distress and started on a path that changed the way I live my life. What set things in motion was The Power of Now, a book about the importance of living in this very moment, the irrelevance of “time,” and the difference between you and your thoughts. I started putting this into practice in my life and at first experienced success, then struggled, then couldn’t seem to fall asleep at night for no reason. So, I started looking for other ways, and starting asking for advice from loved ones. That advice has led me to feel stronger as a person, resume a long forgotten trust in God, and to realize the importance of loving myself as I would my family, girlfriend, or closest friends. This new outlook has given me the ability to quiet the incessant mumblings going on in my head quite a bit. And yet, since then, I have only scratched the surface as far as how inner silence can benefit one’s mind, body, and soul.

And so today, I’d like you to ask yourself the following:

When was the last time you did absolutely nothing?

When was the last time you thought about absolutely nothing?

If you’d asked me that one month ago, I would not have been able to answer your question.. I honestly had no idea. But now, I can say that I do it at least once a day. When I am walking to school each day, I take a moment to smile at the sun and embrace the cold. When I see a small child skipping along the sidewalk, I allow myself to experience their joy. And very recently, I have started meditating for short periods of time on a daily basis. The science behind meditation is something I used to put on par with witchcraft or voodoo medicine. Now I realize, I could not have been more wrong… It is the merely the sign pointing in the direction of the city of “Inner Silence.” You need only walk the path.

THE TAKEAWAY: I think that many of us get all too caught up with our daily lives, friends, jobs, television shows, and thoughts to see how simply doing nothing can be of great benefit to us. So today I wanted to write this blog not to tell you that you should do anything differently than you already are, but to consider the lifestyle you lead now, and make sure that you get a little peace and quiet in there. πŸ˜‰

2 thoughts on “SHHHhhhhhhhh…… Inner Silence

  1. Once again you continue to bless me with the precious stones that you uncover on your daily walks to your destiny! As you discover these precious gems of life make sure that you pick up the ones that sparkle and remember to frequently look at them and wonder how they were made. This gem of quiet peace and meditation will be most valuable to you if you can take the time to be still and listen to what God has to say to you. Most people pray in a monologue or one way conversation with God and they do all the talking and none of the listening. So i always ask the question: “Who has more to say: You, ( with your maybe 20 years of experience ), or the GOD of the universe with the infinite wisdom of time and the knowledge of creating everything that exists? So i have discovered that HE has so much more to say to me than anything that i can ever think of to ask of HIM. Enjoy your silence with the creator of the universe and keep a notebook handy to write down some of the mysterious of life that HE might reveal to you, if you learn to truly listen! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you Alex for these very inspiring words. I have had a “me first” mindset for most of my life but I think now that I am finally opening up to a different one, things can change as they should. I always appreciate your anecdotes and wisdom; thank you for helping me.

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