You Deserve All the Credit for This

As you turn the handle and push open the front door of your house early one morning the sunlight floods in and a smile creeps onto your face. “I love sun…” You think, “Today is going to be a great day.” Smiling from ear to ear you choose your favorite song to listen to and drive off to start your day. You pull up to a stoplight near your house and look over to your right. The person in the car next to you, David, has been feeling pretty sad for the past 30 minutes or so since he received a call saying that a friend of his was in the hospital. Bright with cheer, the smile upon your face reminds David that his friend needs him right now and deserves to see one more smiling face. In that moment, the person next to you decides to take time off from work and visit a friend.

Once at the hospital, David’s friend is elated to see him. As it had turned out, the infection wasn’t as serious as doctors had originally thought and he would only have to spend a few days there for observation. But seeing a David’s smiling face made him feel that much more special. And when his family came in later that day, he had since resolved to spend more time with his wife and children because they deserved that very same feeling that David had brought him earlier; the friend whose schedule you changed with a smile.

I felt compelled to write this today because of a realization I had yesterday while looking out at a family walking together by a river.

Nothing I have ever done or will do is mine. Everything is interconnected. 

Take this blog for instance.

A year and a half ago a forward thinking friend of mine convinced me to start writing. Since then, that friend has gone on to start a business fraternity at his school and is finishing his year as President in the next few months. Throughout his time as President, he has experienced many trials and tribulations. One of which occured right around the time that I arrived in Korea. I wrote a blog about my very difficult first day at school and Jason got the chance to read it. He later told me that it nearly brought him to tears because he had been feeling the exact same frustrations with his fraternity. His actions set into motion a chain of events that would later benefit him in a great time of need.

A year ago, a friend of mine named Claire was teaching here in Korea. One night I stayed up until 3am talking to her about how much she was enjoying her life in Korea. That night, I decided to come here based on her words alone. And since I’ve been teaching here, one of my students, whom I often play basketball with at lunchtime, has started studying English and playing basketball everyday. At first, he could hardly shoot the ball correctly and couldn’t communicate with me at all. Now, we talk or message each other daily, he helps me with Korean, he has ordered a Lakers jacket that he wears to school everyday, and his basketball skill has improved immensely. Claire’s decision to come to Korea set into motion a chain of events that would later benefit this young man’s life.

THE TAKEAWAY: I could go on forever with examples, but thats not my purpose here. My purpose is to hopefully bring some light into your life through this blog post. And hopefully it will encourage you to do the same for someone else. When we try to take credit for the things we have done, we are taking that credit away from everyone else who played a hand in it. Whatever you are thinking right now is a result of what has happened to you today and what you are reading right now. And what you are reading is being written by someone who was lucky enough to have two amazing parents give birth to him 24 years ago so that he could one day be sitting on a bus in Korea, looking out the window at the upward outstretched hand of a child reaching for his mother, and in that moment find the inspiration to write it for you.  

4 thoughts on “You Deserve All the Credit for This

  1. That understanding that we are all connected in some way is a big one! If all people really understood that simple concept, and added that doing good, positive, life affirming things to others is the only way to go – I believe there would be no more wars or other hatred based occurrences. We could work on ways to add benefits to the lives of others instead of deleting any goodness that is available through greed, hatred, bigotry, and other forms of misunderstanding. Thanks for the uplift today,Chad!

    • You are so right Aura Light. Yours must shine bright. 😉 We can’t change everybody’s mind, but at least we have made up our own. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. “Universe conspires.” In healthy societies, people are more likely to share information, join groups, and collaborate on projects together- all activities that eventually magnify benefits and opportunities, both for you and the people who come after you. You are doing a good job, buddy.

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