I Found My Purpose

For the last few weeks I have been mentally preparing myself for the hospital bed I sit in now. By no means should this be alarming, because it was an elective tonsillectomy I chose to do based on my American Doctor’s recommendation. Last year I had strep throat far too many times to be considered normal, and since I have been here in Korea I have come close a few times if it had not been for my immediate action and regiment of excessive sleep. Nonetheless, this surgery represented something to me in my mind; it was a physical representation of the mental transformation I have been going through as of late.

Two years ago I held a position in my business fraternity under which I decided to get a team together to start a charity golf tournament. At first, many people advised me against it, saying it would be too difficult and was likely to fail. Regardless of what they said, however, I could not shake the feeling deep inside me that told me it was what I was supposed to do. Thankfully, the people whom I had selected for the team were the right ones, and if it weren’t for them, it was not have been as successful as it was. Fittingly so, one of the members of that team, Alla, went on to plan the second tournament, and one of the active helpers from that tournament, Megan, now happens to be planning the third. All things are connected.

Now, when I first decided I wanted to go to Korea after I graduated, I received a similar reaction from those around me. Lots of skepticism, some anger, and disappointment from those close to me. Many people advised against it, thought it would hurt my career in the long run, and saw it as a risky experience at best. However, there was a very similar feeling deep inside me that told me it was what I must do. It felt like my heart was telling me I needed to go. And since I have been here, it has been one of the most amazing experiences of my whole life. It has been both humbling, spiritual, eye-opening, and enlightening. And now, I have that very same feeling again… My heart is telling me what I must do.

A wonderful friend and mentor of mine, Alex, was the first person I mentioned this feeling to a month or so ago when it came to me. I told him that I wanted to be a public speaker. He has had extensive public speaking experience himself and gave me some great advice. One of the way he suggested I start, once back in San Diego, was to speak to kids. The teachers are usually open to having speakers, and the kids are usually a very challenging audience. He said, “If you can speak to kids, you can speak to anyone.” I mulled his advice around in my head for the following few weeks but it wasn’t until last week’s lesson about self motivation that I realized the connection between his advice, and what I am doing now. Not only am I speaking to kids… I am speaking to tired, over-worked kids in a language that most of them don’t understand about a topic many of them don’t even want to learn about! And yet, it has proven successful thus far.

So, from this hospital bed that I sit in now, I was compelled to sit up and write this. Perhaps again it was my heart that told me to do so, and forever I will heed it’s call. I never could have known what this experience had in store for me before I came here, and in fact, I certainly never guessed it would have been this. But now that I know, I will follow this step until the next step becomes obvious. When I get back to San Diego, I will start public speaking. I don’t know how or about what, all I know is why. Because I have learned to listen to the language of my heart, and it hasn’t steered me wrong yet.

2 thoughts on “I Found My Purpose

  1. I believe that having a concrete purpose of what you are doing helps us to have peace in our mind and to create value in our life. I also feel that when we concentrate on purpose we can live in the moment(not hurry too much or frustrated) and move forward to make a better world.

  2. Wow, i almost missed this one since i have been so busy for the last month. I was trying to catch up to old emails and found this one that i never opened. what a treat to read that you were finding and discovering your purpose. And how humbling to read that i was able to lightly nudge you in that direction. I am honored and humbled to be called your friend and mentor. I can’t wait for you to come back to San Diego so that i can hopefully present you with some opportunities to speak. It is truly a gift that most people never want to develop and the fact that you do puts you in rare air. Welcome to the realm where only eagles fly way above the storms and clouds of life. Your purpose is to soar above the clouds so that you can share your visions with those that dare not seek higher ground. You will be successful not because you are so talented and intelligent but because most people have never ventured to look beyond the immediate cloud cover that looms only one story above their present circumstances. You have chosen to fly above your circumstances when they have chosen to lay on their bellys and hide till the storms pass by. You have chosen to view life from a higher dimension and while others see the world from only two dimensions, (man vision), you have elevated your perpective to see the world as GOD would see it from a higher altitude, (GOD vision). Naturally, you will have more insight and perspective and wisdom because you will see things that they can’t because they choose to walk with man and you have chosen to fly with angels.

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