The Future as We Know It…..

Pretty soon, the world we live in will become virtually unrecognizable from the world of just a few decades ago. Google is already working on a pair of glasses that will augment reality by overlaying statistical information, directions, and other media on top of the world in front of you. There are cars that drive themselves, organs that can be grown, and implants that can help a blind person to see. Computer chips double in speed every year and a half AND get half as small at the same time! Pretty soon, the future as we know it will become our reality. So then the question becomes, what will you do with it?

It’s natural to fear change; that is something we all share as humans. Change is the first signal that something bad could be happening, but it’s also the first sign of something good too. Regardless of how we feel, that’s not going to change the fact that one day, we will no longer have to drive our car on our own (maybe autopilot will become the only legal method of transportation).  Eventually, we will have so many choices that our lives will be of our own design. We will have to choose what features we want our mirror-embedded computer to show us each morning as we brush our teeth: heart rate? stock prices? nature scene? Eventually, we will have so much autonomy in our lives that our job may become a sort of artistic expression. “What do you do?” one may ask you, to which you will respond, “Well I’m an organic basket-making, philosophy consultant with 13 published books, a yoga instructor, and a self-taught delicate pastry chef.” If this seems strange at first, think of how easy it is NOW to teach yourself how to do something. Go to Youtube right now and just type in, “How to” and you will get a list of 15 things that a large portion of the world is learning how to do RIGHT NOW. In 20 years, the methods of learning  will make these seem ancient by comparison. What about in 40 years?

The future as we know it will be one in which learning is so easy that you will have more trouble deciding what NOT to learn. And in a world like this, just being good at a job simply won’t good enough to make a living. The only people who will become successful will be the ones who float to the top – they will be the ones who decide NOW that they will be great. If you like knitting, why not be great at it? If you like art, why not take art classes online in your free time? In the future, it will be far easier, cheaper, and less risky to work out of your home doing things you really enjoy. And by then, it will also be easier than ever to learn how to do it too. So why not decide to be great?

THE TAKEAWAY: If we look around us today, its hard to honestly say that technology hasn’t changed things for the better. Of course, there are drawbacks, by they are far outweighed by the benefits. Someone who has never even seen a computer in their life can pick up an iPad and start using it in seconds… Now imagine what’s next? My point today is that it only gets easier from here. There will be such a surplus of information that we will have to go on information diets. Everyone will have one they believe it, and it will all be a matter of personal choice. So what I’m asking today is, what is the future as you know it?

One thought on “The Future as We Know It…..

  1. very well written and fun to read your thoughts. It was like riding a river raft through the jungle book ride at disneyland. Every turn had my attention. I have been so busy lately that i missed several or your posts. Glad to be reading another insight into your mind.

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