Learn a Language in 10 Minutes Now

Have you ever wanted to learn another language? When I was really young all of my friends’ parents were from other countries. So whenever I went over to their house to play I was exposed to another set of rules, culture, food, and best of all, language. Well, now that I can finally say that I speak a second language, I would like to take a few minutes to help all of you learn a new language.

Well, wait a minute. Have you ever had a really difficult time solving some life problem? Every day you think about it and can’t find the solution. You ask yourself, “Why can’t I fix this!? I just want to be happy!!” I believe that the reason you can’t find the answer to it is because the answer actually lies before the question. Thoroughly confused yet? GOOD! Let’s keep going. What I mean by this is that before you even ask yourself how to fix the problem, YOU have been the one causing it to persist in the first place. Every time you think to yourself, “I just want this to be over with. I just want to be happy,” You are actually pushing that result further away from you. Now… to understand how this process works, you must first learn this new language.

Korean? Spanish? Latin? No… The language you are learning right now is just that, the language of the Now! We’ll call it Nowese. People who speak Nowese never have problems in their life, almost always are happy and yet still cherish other emotions as they come up. They know how to manifest what they want in the world, and I’m not just talking about the Law of Attraction here. People who speak Nowese always speak to themselves in the now. Instead of saying something like, “I really want to have a better job,” they say, “I am in the process of getting a better job.” Instead of saying something like, “There is no way I’m smart enough to learn a new language. It will take me way to long to learn,” Nowese speakers say, “This is something I’m learning to do! Ooo how fun!”

Consider this – everything you have ever done in your life has first originated in some way as a thought in your mind. That thought then became a word. After speaking that word, you set off a chain of events leading it to become an action. In essence, thought=deed. As soon as you think something, you are very literally telling the Universe to manifest that thing in your life. When you say, “I just want to be happy,” you are only manifesting the wanting of happiness, not the actual state of being happy. If you were speaking to yourself in Nowese, you would say that you are happy. Now, I can see how some people would view this as lying to themselves. And this leads me to the final point:

YOU ARE NOT YOUR MIND. You are not lying to your “self,” you are lying to your mind. Your mind is not you. It is a tool that you use to speak, move around and solve crossword puzzles. So if you realize that you can use it just like you would a shovel or a screw driver, you then see how speaking to yourself in Nowese can be akin to upgrading from a hand screw driver to a new 26 horsepower Binford 6100 automatic screw driver – ARRGG ARRGG ARRRGG~~ Courtesy of Tim the Toolman Taylor 😉

THE TAKEAWAY: You may have clicked on this blog expecting to better your ability to pick up Spanish again, and I apologize for misleading you. But when one comes to realize the power that our own words can have over our happiness and our lives, I feel that it is even more important to take this kind of language seriously. If you notice, I am using all present tense for this article in hopes that simply by me speaking Nowese to you, you are learning it as well. See, 1o minutes and you already understand a new language. Happy trails my friends!

3 thoughts on “Learn a Language in 10 Minutes Now

  1. By Jove, you are on to something. It’s always more forceful when we write in the active rather than passive voice and it’s always better write about how you feel about something than describe that something so speaking in Nowese makes perfect sense. Joan and I see you in San Diego and are enjoying your company. I guess it’s obvious I’m not fluent in Nowese, but I can at least speak tourist Nowese and that’s a start.

  2. It’s called the power of the Spoken Word and the power of the tounge! Like the rudder of a ship, the tounge can be used to turn your life in the right direction as you speak things into existance. Once again, you are spot on. Love to hear your wisdom dripping from these pages.

    Hope to see you soon in October!

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