Fresh Eyes

Have you ever been digging through your closet and found an old jacket you used to love, only to put in on and instantly remember why you stopped wearing it? In the time that you hadn’t been wearing it you aged, your style changed, and it just didn’t suit you anymore. Well, that is very much how I feel now that I’m back to the same routine. Although this time, its not that the sweater doesn’t fit me, it’s just my style that’s changed.

When I was living in Korea, almost EVERYTHING was different. It was hard to get used to anything really. From the cute little jingle my school used for their bell to the way people cram onto the subway, everything was a chance to change my perceptions and attitudes. Take this situation for instance – where I lived, pretty much everywhere you went was about as crowded as Costco on a Sunday. Now remove the shopping carts and that’s how I felt every time I went grocery shopping or walked through the streets. There were so many times where I got frustrated with a person walking in front of me because they were too slow or taking up too much space. And this frustration turned into anger – anger which had no reason to be there. It was my own doing.

But slowly over time, I got used to it and realized that we were all sharing that space. I wasn’t entitled to any more of it than anyone else. Eventually, I didn’t even get angry anymore, no matter who was in front of me. And now that I’m back home in America, I’ll be honest, I don’t even mind going to Costco on Sunday! But of course, there are still other places I’d prefer to be.  😉

THE TAKEAWAY: Human beings are habit forming creatures. We do this because it helps us to improve ourselves and our surroundings and it helps us learn! But the downside of that is that there may be problems in our life that are a direct result of our routine – and we don’t even know it! I was causing myself stress for absolutely no reason. And it just took stepping outside my comfort zone and breaking my routine to change that. These types of changes allow us to see more clearly what benefits us and what doesn’t. And then, from there, we can choose what we want to keep. Sometimes it just takes a pair of fresh eyes to see what you really want out of life. So go out there and get some for yourself! Happy trails.

Photography by my wonderfully talented girlfriend.

2 thoughts on “Fresh Eyes

  1. Stepping outside our comfort zones can be very difficult ( I speak from experience ) but I also know that we grow so much when we do. Therefore, if our attitudes stay positive and we let go of fear, we will accomplish whatever we set out to do. 🙂

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