September and Siblings

As far back as I can remember, September 30th has been a special day. When I was young, it was a day to envy the gifts my brother was getting at his party. Soon after it became a time of increased anticipation because it meant my birthday was only a couple months away. There was always some sort of family gathering where we would eat and talk about the following years plans, as Sean methodically opened cards and passed them around. But today, I feel much different…

In the past few years my brother and I have gone through a lot.  We literally went from a point where we pretty much agreed that we would never be friends, to best friends. And the change wasn’t easy by any means. It took tremendous courage, love and patience from both of us to make it to where we are now, and for that I could not be more happy.

And now that we’re here, we often discuss how much it saddens us that so many other siblings go on living with me resentment leftover from childhood. Things that were said and done when neither party had the maturity or the presence of mind to do otherwise. Very literally, siblings are lifelong partners – a love that is deeper in some ways than that of a significant other. It is deeper in that it extends all the way back to the creation of ones personality – you very literally share the foundation of life. As we grew together, through trial and error we learned how to deal with people in general, not just each other. We both knew, no matter what, that we would always be brothers and that no matter how angry we were at each other we had to work it out somehow. And now here we are, even though it took more than two decades for us to come around.

THE TAKEAWAY: So today, on my little brother’s 23rd birthday, I wanted to share what we have with you all – a connection so deep and strong it can never break. For I know that with all my heart, I will love him like a brother and a best friend as long as I live. At every stage of our lives we will be there for each other, no matter whether it is an ear or a beer that is needed. So here’s to you Seanny.. Happy Birthday bro. Love, J

One thought on “September and Siblings

  1. Congratulations on fighting for what was important to you and not giving up when the times got tough. You’ve both learned valuable lessons and its paid off. Thank you for inspiring others to … Never Give Up!

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