Just Breath it Out


Click the picture to see the video!



It’s not rocket science, it’s just my perspective on perhaps the most ancient of all human knowledge. I decided to do this weeks blog a little bit differently. This one is a video. Let me know what you think!


2 thoughts on “Just Breath it Out

  1. I was very aware that my imagination was suspended because i was able to “see” what you were talking about. I could see you and the keyboard and that huge microphone and so i did not need to use my imagination to visualize my own thoughts. My picture was already selected for me and i let my imagination take a coffee break.

    Your writings have always stimulated so much thought and creativity and my imagination would run wild with pictures and colors and concepts. Perhaps like taking a huge white canvas and having a pallet of colors to draw whatever you wrote about. It was so engaging to begin to color my own canvas with your perpective of colors and shades and design. The pictures were sometimes pencil sketches that evolved into complex structures and sometimes your ideas were like splashing so many different bright colors onto either a white canvas or a black one.

    The visual element of this presentation forced me to put down my pencils, my paint brushes, and to put down all my buckets of paints. My picture was already complete before i entered into the room.

    Not sure if that makes sense but that was my experience with this talk and my imagination was a little disappointed. Perhaps this method could work with more experimentation or when you really want to control what your audience can see.

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