That’s All….

What if I told you there was one thing and one thing alone that you would need for every moment the rest of your life. In fact, without this thing nothing you do or say will matter. Everything around you would cease to exist the way it does now. We all depend on it just as much as every other person in the world. And yet, those who have this thing seem to be the least appreciative of it. How could this be? Is it not counterintuitive to say the least?

What is this thing?


All day every day we are taking from the environment around us without ever really stopping to thank the environment. How rude of us? We aren’t bad people, how could we do such a thing? And yet, relentlessly it gives to us, without ever asking for anything in return. It seems no wonder we have so many environmental issues these days.  Well, today amidst a sunny afternoon walk, it came to me. I realized that the thing our “self” fears the most is seizing to exist. So in order to truly appreciate air we have to recognize that it is just as important to our self as our “ego” is. That is to say that our mind realizes it is equal in importance to air. Upon realizing this it becomes fearful and defensive and instinctually stops the thought. Without even realizing it, we’ve missed a chance to be thankful for a gift.

Most of us don’t even realize we are a bit afraid to admit that we are completely and utterly dependent upon something else, let alone someone else. The same can be said for love as can be air. In fact, the same can be said for everything as can be love and air. We are completely and utterly dependent upon thousands if not millions of things at any given moment in time: water, air, love, human contact, food, shelter, gravitational pull of the sun, warmth from the sun, galactic conditions necessary for sustaining a

solar system to house an atmospheric planet… etc. When was the last time you focused on how thankful you were for all of this? I can honestly say I neglect to do so about 99% of everyday. But during that 1% I always realize how important it is and over time I believe it will grow.

THE TAKEAWAY: I wrote this today to share a beautiful moment I had with you. That’s all.

That's All.

That’s All.

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