From the Eyes of a Petal of the Flower

Its first days of light came all at once. With rays of heat and light blazing down, it thought, “What is this sensation? Before all I knew was cold and dark, and now, there is this whole new side of things!”

As time went on, it grew taller and wider. Each day taking in as much sunlight as it could and each night, laying to rest. Yet after some time like this, it started to feel like everyday was the same. Every night the same. Every day the same. An endless cycle of absorbing sun and then waiting for it. The waiting… that was the worst part. Occasionally, while waiting for the sun to rise, it would see a bird fly by. As it gazed upward, one day, upon two crows chasing one another across the sky, it realized how limited its small life was. It could not leave the ground, no matter what. It was destined to stay right there, in that very spot, until it ceased to exist.
And it was at the occurrence of this thought that things began to change for the petal of the Flower. “Well if I can’t fly then what good am I? Flying seems like the greatest experience possible! Free to explore, disappear, reappear, and who knows? But I guess… what good is it to think this way, if that’s Impossible. I might as well make do with what I have… a life stuck to this earth.”
A few days and a few nights went by and the petal of the Flower couldn’t stop thinking about Flying. “My life is so slow compared to what a life of Flying could be. Why can’t I live such a life? Was I really meant to be this way?” A few moments of utter and complete silence fell upon the petal like the darkness after a sunset. “I am meant to be this way… If I were any other thing, I wouldn’t be a flower. But a flower is what I am so it’s what I am supposed to be!!! Everything has always been as it was supposed to be!” Suddenly, something deep within the petal seemed to surge outward. At first, it was strange because the petal never realized there was power inside it – everything it had ever seen was outside of it, so how could it have known to look inside?
Just then, a sudden and rare rain came crashing down. Drop after drop glanced off the petal, tossing it about. Then a strong gust of wind blew by, pushing the petal far away from the exact point in space it had stayed its whole life. As it rocked back and forth, recovering from the gust of Wind, it realized something very peculiar. So peculiar in fact that it had never once thought of it before. It was so strange because it was so simple – too simple to even consider. “I have a root. I am connected to the Flower! I’m not just one petal fluttered about in the wind. I am a Flower! A beautiful living being!”
The days following this peculiar thought were different than any before. Although each day came and went, the same as the last, the fact that it was a part of something so precious, so wonderful, balanced the moments of emptiness and wondering. From then on, it lived simply ever after.
petal of the flower

2 thoughts on “From the Eyes of a Petal of the Flower

  1. It was as if I were the petal of the flower while reading.. makes me think about me myself and people around me. Thanks for this great essay as alsays. I just dropped by, ‘somechadvice’ just came up with me suddenly in this Friday morning. Hope to see you again someday!

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