Looking at Life from Above

There is a line on a paper sitting in front of you. You can clearly see both ends of the line; the starting point and end. As you move in closer you can see that the line is actually made up of a sequence of dots, ever so close together. These dots seem to multiple the closer you get to the line. As you lean down and move your face all the way until your nose brushes up against the paper, you begin to see the details between the dots. It is only from this close up that you can see the thin line that is actually connecting these tightly knit dots. You squint a bit and it all becomes clear. There in between one of the seemingly random dots on the line you find yourself peering into the life of a person, reading something on a screen in front of them. As their eyes move across the page from left to right, right to left, it occurs to you that this thing you are seeing is the Moment. It is all there ever is or has been. It is both the past and the future happening at once. It has contained both good and bad at the same time, hate and love on the same wavelength, and happiness and sadness in the same breath. And yet how is it it took until now to realize this? Were you always going to realize this right now? Or did this event somehow exist separately from the only Thing that has ever existed. Well that can’t be.. no. Perhaps it can be said simply: In this Moment you found a way to look at life from above and see that life is both a string of individual moments and one continuous line at the same time. Paradoxical to say the least, and well, breathtakingly beautiful to say the most, life is Now.


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