Mediate to Meditate

Meditation bears many similarities to its sister in sound mediation. Mediation is the act of applying effort to balance two sides, usually of an argument. So as a mediator, your role is to listen to both sides’ arguments intently, take them in, and help to resolve any conflicts and, better yet, to unite the two sides on some common ground.

Well in meditation, our role is very similar. We have two sides. One is the thinking machine- the talker in the mind – the TV that rarely shuts off. The other side of this “argument” is the silent present mind – the listener – the unplugged TV. So when we sit down to meditate, it is the role of mediator that we take on.

Traditionally, it is taught that the goal of meditation is to clear the mind of thoughts. When one embraces this as their goal, however, it inadvertently labels thoughts as failures. These failures carry with them a lifetime of conditioning and as a result, one can easily begin to associate meditation with failure and therefore pain. However, if you embrace the role of mediator, then you see that your goal is actually to be fair to both sides. That is to say that you choose to view the talker and the listener as equals, all the while with the intent of helping them to find some common ground. That common ground is always here and now. Presence.


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