Hello Again… Who am I?


I’m Jeremy. Not Chad. But who is Jeremy?

A name? A story?

A collection of experiences stored up behind a single utterance to which I have learned to respond to?

An idea – an example among a seemingly infinite set of examples for how one human being can live a life?

If I am any of those, than how does that make me any different from you?

Are we not all simply boats sailing across the ocean?

Steering this way or that, going wherever the winds blow us, are we ever really in control?

For in order to define who we are, we need something concrete. We need a story. A physical description. A list of relationships. Words. Are these not the things that we use to understand who a person is? And thereby, to understand ourselves?

And yet, if we think of a boat, no one would ever think to define a boat by the path of ripples it has left in the ocean behind it. We see the boat, and that’s just it. We see a boat. It has it’s unique features, nicks and dings, holes and all. It simply… is.

So let us be, as the boat on the ocean. Guided by the winds of time. Winds that have been all around the world – to places we have yet to dream into existence. They brush through our lives, altering it in imperceptible ways. Imperceptible. So, if we cannot perceive the forces that guide our lives, then it only makes sense to let go of the need to steer the boat. For that way, without any expectations, wherever we end up – wherever we are – will truly be a blessing.

Sail away, my friends.


One thought on “Hello Again… Who am I?

  1. That’s a good point to remember ~ not an easy task though. For some personality types, having some kind of control with their life and their chosen path makes them feel safe and secure. Others prefer to live in the moment, day by day. When we’re happy in our life, we see things around us differently. So the key is to be happy!

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