The Big Picture

Now imagine the pitter patter of little toddler feet bumbling down the hallway. A baby out on a journey! Everything about that journey is glittered by the newness and amazingness of everything around us. This carpet feels funny. That wall makes a sound when I touch it. But that feeling fades with time, unfailingly, as we begin to conquer the tasks that hadn’t once seemed so easy. To maintain that amazement state we crave to conquer more and more difficult tasks. And with time our mind aligns with the way we spend our time, climbing higher on the staircase than ever before or learning how to roll forward on the floor. A wonderful process blossoms as we make our way through a system designed to both challenge and represent our desire to continue learning. But for some reason this blossom’s loss of color begins when we decide in our minds to get a job. What is a job? Is it a socially decided upon way of converting human energy into economic energy? And economic energy for the sake of what? To provide us with more presents? Presents, we all know sometimes, just don’t cut it. What we’ve always been looking for lies behind the only place one would never consider looking for. The place behind the Irises is indicated by the entrance to the now. Only in the now do presents become presence, an all becomes a one.



The Maze

A story if I may…

The Maze

The entrance to the maze looked like nothing anyone could have ever described. All along the walls of its initial hallways there were so many brand new things… sounds turned into language… language birthed a self… and that self started out trying to define itself. But you see, that’s the problem. Because it knew instinctually that to define something is to devalue it. And that inherent appreciation for all the wonderful experiences this maze had brought before… elation amidst imagination filled days, deep sadness at the loss of a first toy, pet, and eventually friend. Then the maze takes a sharp curve downward. Everything seems to start moving faster only  to become more confusing. At this point, if that self was still trying to find definition, then wouldn’t that mean that it must have something it wants to be? But to want something is to value it above other things and the problem with that is it goes against what we instinctually know to be true – all things are beautiful in a certain way. That is to say we always knew that everything was meant to be beautiful. As the maze began to take a steeper incline upward, it brought with it experiences of failure and success. Ecstasy followed shortly after by despair. Things other people seemed to value began to confuse us – persuade us even – to believe in their values instead of the ones we knew to be true. Yet once we are persuaded the first time, it leads us down a path with no standard distance. That is to say no, we never really where or how long they will take to find out that those paths are not the way. And yet, that self puts all its energy into climbing the ever steepening incline. The further it tries to climb the steeper it gets until eventually, this poor ol’ self is crawling up it – as long as its energy will last. And when that energy runs out, it sees that giving up on this maze doesn’t really mean giving up all together. Curiously however, at this exact point a tremendous weight is lifted from it’s shoulders. All at once, hanging from this cliff that was once a maze, we realize that we never really needed to enter the maze in the first place. The more we look back on it the more it seems like we made it up all along. We realize that we never needed to ask the question of “Who am I?” in the first place. In fact, the real maze… the one we were perhaps supposed to take all along, was in the other direction. 



Just Breath it Out


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It’s not rocket science, it’s just my perspective on perhaps the most ancient of all human knowledge. I decided to do this weeks blog a little bit differently. This one is a video. Let me know what you think!